Testimonial on baby Sleep routine

Simona came recommended to us by a client of Robs and we were desperate to book her as soon as we heard what a ‘miracle worker’ she was. Unfortunately, she was fully booked and not able to come and work with us until our little boy, Johnny, was 6 weeks old. So in the meantime, we booked a maternity nurse to cover the first 6 weeks – a disaster!

She managed to install several bad habits into him at his exceptionally young age and by the time Simona arrived we were at our wits end.  The maternity nurse had set him up on a strict 4 hourly routine with no flexibility and he spent his days screaming, starving and frantic for food but we were not allowed to feed him and so had to walk around the house endlessly waiting for ‘food’ time. By that time he was so exhausted that he could barely eat and would then crash out. He was generally pretty miserable and difficult. And then Simona arrived in November 09 

I have never seen anything like it! Within ten minutes of being in our house, she had diagnosed the problem. She fed him immediately and he then had his first-ever ‘activity and fun’ session! He fell in love with Simona almost overnight as she has the most amazing way with babies . She is a complete natural and we trusted her from day one as we got results from day one. Simona stayed with us for 5 days a week (we tried to persuade her to move in for 7 days!!) for 4 weeks and we have never looked back. In a very short time, she had transformed his sleeping patterns and turned him into the happiest contented baby both my mother and mother-in-law have ever seen, and that is praise indeed! 

Simona then helped us out for another couple of weeks on and off and by the time she left us when Johnny was 11 weeks he had been going to bed at 7.30pm and waking at 8am since he was 7 weeks old, with only a  small 11pm feed – fantastic! He dropped his 11pm feed at 14 weeks and continues to be a smiley happy chap on a daily basis who loves his daytime naps and sleeps for 12 hours solid! He only ever cries when he is in pain, is happy to play by himself, is a good (if messy) eater and is generally very easy. When she arrived we were both very inexperienced and nervous parents and by the time she left we both had all the confidence we needed to carry on with Johnny by ourselves – although we shall be calling her back for some help with weaning. She has also been great with regards to keeping in touch and is always very happy to help me alter and manage Johnnys routine as he grows and develops. 

We can honestly not recommend Simona highly enough and this reference probably doesn’t do her justice but we would be happy to talk to any prospective new parents about her.  She was a joy to have around the house and fitted in immediately, and Rob and I like our own space, but it was easy – she is a genuinely lovely person and a good laugh to boot, and during the early days you need to have a laugh! If you can book her it will be the best thing you can do for your baby and marriage!!

Jo and Rob K.


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