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About Simona

I was born in Italy in a typical Italian family with high values on family bonds. Since the age of 3, when I received my first doll as a Christmas present, I have been fascinated by babies and children and the various beliefs concerning their upbringing during the early developmental stages and the psychological effects certain methods may have.

After graduating, my interest in child development deepened and I became more and more involved in the concept of sleep, extending my research to develop my theories and techniques. With now over 30 years’ experience I specialize in sleep training, working in collaboration with GP’s and pediatricians as well as working as a full-time maternity consultant assisting parents with the care and development of their babies.  


Certified Baby sleep consultant


theories and studies

I have researched countless theories and studies concerning childcare and development and although the majority provides some very sound advice, such information is often conflicting, and I can understand why parents become a little confused.  Throughout my years working with babies and parents I have formulated my own ideas and have successfully developed a method and approach that produces truly rewarding results. 


Child’s wellbeing

The child’s wellbeing and the parent’s individual needs are at the forefront of anything I do. Although I passionately believe that babies greatly benefit from a well-structured routine, I also believe that parents are ultimately the ones who should decide which path to follow. My methods not only will provide a degree of flexibility to accommodate and assist your wishes, but my approach will empower you with the skills you need to manage your child’s sleep should any new issues occur in the future.


Based in London - Uk

I not only find a tremendous demand for my services within the UK but equally from many parts of the world, including the States, the Far East and throughout Europe.













Enfant Sleep Consultant - Clients Opinion

Consultation options and Prices

Please note that the average length of time necessary to sleep- train a baby/child is 3/5 days, but could vary and is determined by several factors. Although it’s normally not the case, should extra days be necessary beyond the standard training period, a charge of £200 per extra day is applicable. 

Disclosure: Maternal Bliss does not offer medical advice, services, or treatment to its clients. If you are concerned about a medical issue related, you are advised to contact your doctor or paediatrician as a matter of urgency